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Approaches For Holding Dental Employees Accountable
For those people studying medicine there sure are many people who are majoring in dental medicine while many others are getting to graduate and be part of the dental practice. Because of the many people graduating daily, there is no shortage of competition and as such every dental practice should aim to stay ahead of the competition. One such way of making sure that the patients long for your service constantly is by making sure that your practice is one of a kind. No success can be guaranteed if the employees do not work together to make sure that the work that they do is nothing short of professional, it is therefore important to emphasize on team work. Teamwork needs to the norm of how things are run in the dental practice so that there is good conduct as well as accountability. In this chapter we shall then look at the various ways that an employer can emphasize on accountability.
To be able to make sure that the way the employees conduct themselves is with some sense of accountability is by ensuring that the standards, vision and mission of the work place is seen through. In the dental practice getting the employees to understand the attributes that make your practice unique, the goals you have, the ways that they will be achieved and the role to be played by the them are some of the ways that the standards can be achieved. It is also key to make sure that the employees understand the importance of delivering the best services to the customers.
A strategy of achieving accountability is by making sure that the work and efforts of the employees are measured at a certain level. The way that the performance of the employees and staff can be measured is by giving assessments of their general or individual work. Depending on an employer the assessments should be done so that the opinion the employer has towards their performance is known.
There can also be teachings, corrections and clarifications before any form of reproach is done. This is because it is very easy to make mistakes, especially if there was no proper training done prior. It is very simple to rely on employees to be accountable if they actually know what they are required to do.
After a certain level of teaching and corrections one can therefore expect from the employees a minimum number of errors. A strategy for maintain accountability among the employees is by making sure that they realize that there are consequences to their actions. These consequences can either be, having an employee on probation or even going as far as terminating their employment.
Accountability can also be ensured if there is trust that results from having open communication channels. The employees should also be allowed to share any opinion that they may have.
The above mentioned strategies are very important in making sure that the business is ran successfully.