The Dangers of Rabies for Both Pets and Humans

Rabies is a very serious and life-threatening condition that usually affects both the spinal cord and the brain for all mammals, including human beings. Many people are shockingly unaware that their pets can end up spreading the rabies virus to them and also everyone who may be surrounding the animal. According to WebMD, experts estimate that more than 50,000 human beings die every year from this disease and millions more animals may also likely die from rabies every year. It has been known that once the rabies disease begins to show certain symptoms of the disease, pets end up experiencing death shortly after. Some of the common symptoms of rabies for dogs that you may notice may include: pica, fever, seizures, paralysis, hydrophobia, their jaw may be dropped, change in tone of bark, muscular lack of coordination, excessive excitability, Constant irritability, changes in their attitude or behavior, you notice excessive celebration more often, frothy saliva and many other symptoms that may appear strange. Sadly, rabies is actually known to be fatal for animals who have not yet received their rabies vaccination. Which is why it is critical for you to be sure to vaccinate your animals before it is too late.

Vaccines are extremely important for your pet animals because they provide immunity against many dangerous diseases that can cause illness and even death to your pets. Vaccination significantly reduces the severity of the symptoms and conditions of diseases that can also be spread to human beings. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, some of the important reasons for why you may want to ensure that your pets are vaccinated are: to prevent pet illness, to avoid expensive veterinarian treatments for diseases that can easily be prevented with vaccinations, to prevent the spread of certain diseases passed between animals to people, to prevent diseases that are strongly prevalent in wildlife, and to also abide by the state ordinances for your household pets. Helping your pets receive their vaccinations is an important part 2 keeping them healthy and free from harmful diseases. You have to remember that it is possible to catch a disease from your animal if they are not properly vaccinated.

Surprisingly, many people tend to think that rabies is not as common. However, rabies is actually more common than you think in the United States. Rabies has been known to exist in almost every single state in the country, except for Antarctica. There is also a significant number of human rabies in the country as well. Therefore, in order to keep your pet healthy and free from disease, consider getting your pet vaccinated. You could search for your local animal hospital or veterinarian by searching online for any pet vaccinations phoenix az.

Vaccinations can save your animal’s life. Once your animal has contracted rabies or any other wildlife disease, it may be too late for your animal friend. Therefore, keep them healthy and safe with getting them the vaccinations they need to be healthy and happy for the long run.