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What You Need To Know About Water Jet Machining
There is a fun fact that water can actually cut through stone and steel. Depending on the preparation that took place, one will be able to get water jet machine to cut through any material precisely. If you are interested in this but have no jet cutter, these facts about it will have you know about the process.
Knowing how water jet machining works is the forts step. To be able to cut through materials, the machine using high pressure water. Water is pushed through a nozzles in order to ensure that a thing amount of water at the right pressure passes through to cut the material. To help cut better, an abrasive is usually added to the water solution to enable it cut better. The almandine garnet is the most commonly used abrasive after years of research.
This process is really simple. When the water hits the surface, and amount of material is removed due to the high pressure and relative density of the water. Adding abrasive to the water makes it possible for the water to cut through just about anything.
One of the benefits of water cutting is the preciseness it has. The only process that beats water cutting at precision is laser cutting. The difference is a really small margin.
Using cold water during the cutting means the machines will not overheat. With this, less energy will be used during cutting. In the long run, money send on paying bills is also reduced. One is able to avoid heat deformation that occurs during the cutting with metal saws.
There is a lot of versatility when it comes to water cutting. Material like metal, ceramics, leather, and wood can also be cut using this process. With this factor, it can be used in different areas.
Just like all the other machining process are not entirely perfect, one should not expect water cutting to be either. When it comes to thinner parts that require cutting, the machines may not work well. The water jets also have a tendency to eat through parts of the machine quickly.
The speed at which the machine works is its biggest disadvantage. It takes a longer time to get the work done when compared to other processes. With this, on will end up spending more time on a piece than they would usually have.
You need to know o the good and bad news if you plan on adding a jet cutter to your shop. The good news is, getting the machines for the job is an easy task. You can go to this company if you are interested in buying. The machines are really expensive and this is the main disadvantage.